How We Got Started

Keith Charney, creator of BRONZO SENSUALÉ® (Sensuous Suntan) , at one of his three South Beach swimwear stores where he launched the first all-natural sunscreen products in the U.S.A.

From an interview with Keith Charney: 

"Back in the late 80's, South Beach was the American Riviera for tourists from Europe, but somewhat unknown to Americans. Coming from Manhattan, South Beach looked more like Soho with palm trees to my wife Marilyn and I. We loved the Art Deco buildings and the feeling of something great and new about to happen.  We moved from NYC and opened three beach shops, with bathing suits, frisbees, towels, everything for the beach.  But the European customers didn't approve of the brand name suntan products with all their chemical ingredients. 'We don't understand you Americans, why would you protect your skin from the sun but not from chemicals?' I asked what they use in Europe and found out that their sun care AND baby oil products were made with natural olive or carrot oils and not mineral oil (derived from petroleum, the main ingredient in American tanning and baby oil products). 

It made a lot of sense and I experimented using different natural oils, extracts and scents, including sunscreens derived from cinnamon oil, Asian fruit tree bark and natural crystals. After months of conferring with leading dermatologists, nutritionists, beauty professionals, and cosmetology chemists, I finally developed unique skin-loving carrot oil based sun care formulas containing the highest quality botanical and natural remedies, and then later on, added certified organic ingredients to achieve the utmost in nutritive value for your skin. 

We finally had a perfect product but we were stuck figuring out the perfect name. We wanted to see European suntan products firsthand, so we set off  on a biz-vacation to Paraggi, Italy. While strolling on the beach, an Italian gentleman commented on my wife's stunning bronze suntan (thanks to my concoction) and he remarked something that sounded like 'Bella, Bronzo Sensuale,' (Beautiful, sensuous suntan) and the rest is history!"

Today, BRONZO SENSUALÉ® (Sensuous Suntan) is seen around the world. Our customers have spotted Bronzo Sensuale while on the French Riviera, while sailing the Caribbean, skiing the slopes of Vail, on a cruise in the Mediterranean, and even during Spring Break in Cancun.

"Dear Bronzo, while my husband and I were on the beach in Nice, France, a French couple sat down on the lounges next to us. I offered our Bronzo Sensuale to them and they surprisingly said 'No, merci.' But then to our amazement they pulled out their own bottles of Bronzo Sensuale! We've all remained  friends and continue to be loyal Bronzo Sensuale users ever since." Celie F., Brooklyn, NY


Keith and Marilyn Charney testing new formulas aboard their yacht "Bronzo."

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