N. Bronzo Sensualé® Organic Carrot Body Oil for Sun, for Massage, for Bath (NO Sunscreens) 8.5 Oz. with Sprayer / Hidratante Certificada Organica Aceite De Zanahoria Sin sunscreens para Sol, Masaje, y Bano ASIN B00FE1WYMC


Journey to our sensuous world of rich, dark, Certified Organic oils. So natural, it's used by professionals as an aromatherapy massage oil too! "I'm a licensed masseur and I can tell you that it not only works better than any other product, but smells great too. "Bryan A. Delaware.

NEW! BATH OIL experience. Try a few sprays into running bath water. Then submerge yourself into a silky, sensuous bath, with super moisturizing aromatherapy carrot oil droplets. Ahhhh!

WARNING: Not for use on children.

Bronzo Sensuale Hidratante Certificada Organica Aceite De Zanahoria con SPF 0 / Sin sunscreens (8.5 oz)

Usa para masaje y bano tambien!

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