Reviews from Sun Tanning Enthusiasts just like You...


Customers send rave reviews after using "BRONZO" all over the world, and we're sure you will too...

Teresa S. I spent the whole day soaking up the sun, and that night, everyone remarked how great  my new hemp oil suntan shined. Love the fragrance too.

Nancy C.  I discovered Bronzo in Florida a few years ago and found it to be the best product on the market for me.  I always have such a wonderful tan and I never peel!  A great product that never fails to work as indicated on the bottle.  I am on my way back to Florida and you know I will not leave without my Bronzo Sensuale.

Cindy C.  This was my first time tanning with your Carrot Lotion SPF 8.  I’ve so enjoyed it.  It feels  so smooth & soft to the touch & applies very well.  I use it every day and I’m a lifelong sunbather.

Chris S.  I have used Bronzo Sensuale products for several years now (on Cape Cod, South Beach and Greece).  It is simply first-rate.  I use no other.

Betty D.  I have been using this wonderful product for over 20 years.  First found it  in Florida, on vacation.  I have turned so many people onto it…will never use anything else. 

John M.   I first started using these products over 10 years ago.  I live in Florida so sunscreen is very important.  I have yet to apply a sunscreen product that I enjoy on the same level as Bronzo Sensuale.

Marina S.  You and your staff bless each one of us with every bottle of lotion you produce.  Use it every day.  Still here in CA but plan to leave for Asia and some nice warm beaches in January, will take you along.  Ha!

Lauren M.  In May I took a trip to Anguilla.  While there I got burned very badly.  I used all the moisturizers and aloe I had brought with me…but I didn’t get and relief until I purchased Bronzo Sensuale “Aloe Burn Relief" from the resort’s gift shop.  The stuff works miracles.

Linda X.  We took Bronzo Sensuale with us to St John USVI.  My husband used 8 SPF, I used 4 SPF.  We felt good about using products without all the bad chemicals, my husband noted the lotion did not feel heavy and uncomfortable (usually can’t wait to wash other kinds off).  No sunburn, no dry skin…so  my tan still has not “fallen off”.  

Our daughter visited us in St John,  and  she loved the lotions too, so I just sent some to her.  Kids lotions are for our grandchildren’s Easter baskets.  A  great company providing such quality products and helping out our troops in far away places.  

Hazel L.  I came across Bronzo Sensuale UTTERLY FABULOUS products when visiting Miami and have searched high and low for them in England ever since, to no avail.  I can’t understand why there’s nobody in UK selling them, there’s no comparison to anything else.  Reviews: Bronzo Sensuale is simply the BEST – by far!!!  I order online if I can’t find any friends who are visiting the States who can buy it for me (by the crate).

Deborah L.  These products smell delicious.  Great  products.

Pat G.  Carrot oil.  It’s the BEST!!!  Use it on my face and it’s maaaavelous! I get asked all the time…what are you wearing?  Scent that is.  All Great products.  Great results.  Great aroma and…”I feel good!”  This company cares about their customers!  Their customer service is a 10.  Not many personally follow up or contact their customers.  That my  friend is Good Service and Good Business.

Theoni A.  I was recently at the Loews Miami Beach and the staff cooled me off at the pool with the Aloe Mist.  The smell was so serene and clean.

Martin R. " I have told anyone willing to listen about the quality of your products and extraordinary level of service you offer. I have for grins attached a photo of me at the beach..."