"Don’t go in the sun without it!"

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Bronzo Sensuale® enchanted suntan lotions and oils,

they change your skin, they change you.


“I will keep this Bronzo Sensuale® moment with me forever.”

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You're escaping to relax in the sun...

You've packed all those bright tropical clothes, bathing suits, sunglasses and sandals. Aren't you forgetting something? How about sunscreen and some after sun or burn relief? Nothing ruins a trip like getting sunburned while away or peeling like a banana when you come back home. Oh, you say you'll get some “stuff” when you get there. Not a good idea. BRONZO SENSUALE® suggests the following suntanning tips to save your trip, your summer, and your skin!


Now you can too!

Developed in South Beach with vital feedback from bikini-clad supermodels being photographed outdoors. They experienced that moderate sun exposure in combination with BRONZO SENSUALE® helped maximize the beneficial effects of the sun. This enabled them to maintain a more lasting, healthy appearance. It’s no wonder that supermodels look so marvelous. 


"HMM"....Hydrating, Moisturizing, and Moderation are the key words for fun in the sun and keeping your skin healthy.

Summertime and vacations are very drying to your skin due to increased exposure to the sun, chemically treated pool water, salt water, air travel, and sometimes drinking a little too much alcohol.


HYDRATING: Drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated and to help minimize wrinkling. Eat plenty of fresh enzyme-rich fruits and vegetables such as avocados, bananas, broccoli, cabbage, mangos, wheat grass, sprouts, and carrots. Exercise to improve circulation and enzymatic activity.

MOISTURIZING: Be sure to apply our Certified Organic After Sun Carrot Lotion as often as possible...after showering, before bed, anytime. This will keep your skin soft and smooth. After a day in the sun, shower with water that is much cooler than the usual temperature you use. This will help "cool down" your skin temperature. For added skin quenching spray your body while still wet with BRONZO SENSUALE® Certified Organic Aloe Mist. Blot yourself dry, do not rub yourself dry.

MODERATION: Don't "fry" yourself to get a quick tan. Expose yourself to the sun gradually, preferably in the early morning or late afternoon. Give your skin a chance to produce more melanin, its own natural sun protection, and the magic substance that makes you tan. Apply a higher sunscreen number (SPF) at first and then after a couple of days, you can consider using a lower SPF number. By acquiring this slowly developed suntan, your wardrobe's colors will appear even nicer against your skin, and you will be less prone to "overdo it" the next few days in the sun. Repeated overexposure burns the skin, and can lead to premature aging, wrinkling, and skin cancer.


You will use at least 2 ounces per day...

Pack your anticipated supply of BRONZO SENSUALE® certified organic sun care. You will use at least 2 ounces per day per person, this should help calculate how much you will need. You have only one skin, so why abuse it by settling for unfamiliar products? Brands with a store’s, hotel's or cruise ship’s name may be inferior or unavailable in the SPF you need, or not contain natural, organic, and healthy botanical ingredients. Purchasing products from foreign countries can sometimes be risky as they may not have the same level of oversight as we do in the United States by the FDA, USDA, and yes, we here at BRONZO SENSUALE®. Do not select your sun protection and skincare products based on what is least expensive or on sale. This is your skin, your body...take the best care of it.

Helpful Note: Always place liquid and gel products whether they are new and unopened or used, in sealed plastic bags whether packing in luggage, carry-on, or handbags. Liquids and gels exposed to heat, cold, or changes in atmospheric pressure may seep through their closures.


"Where the sun don't shine..."

Be sure to apply sunscreen to those areas that are usually "where the sun don't shine", but will now be exposed by more revealing tropical clothing and bathing suits (especially if you plan on going topless or wearing a thong bikini). You’ll have a great time in the sun, and come back looking marvelous!


Sunscreen and Sunglasses while flying.

If you are traveling by plane during the day, be sure to pack a 3 oz. travel-sized bottle filled with BRONZO SENSUALE® lotion with Sunscreen in your carry-on bag. Most people do not realize that UV rays are pouring through the cabin’s fuselage and windows. At high altitudes these UV rays are 

actually stronger than those on the ground. 

Be sure to wear sunglasses if sitting by the window as well.

In addition, the air in pressurized passenger cabins is extremely drying to the skin and sensitive membranes (ever notice how many people on the plane start coughing, blowing noses, itching, etc.?). BRONZO SENSUALE® Sunscreen lotions contain super moisturizing ingredients that will help prevent the exposed parts of your body from these drying elements during the flight, especially on your return flight when your tanned skin is already slightly drier than usual.

Helpful Idea: Share some BRONZO SENSUALE® with your flight attendants, maybe you’ll get extra snacks!


Different numbers for different parts...

Many sun devotees use different SPF's and different BRONZO SENSUALE® certified organic formulas on different parts of their body. Depending on your skin type, you may want to use our moisturizing SPF 15 Organic Suntan Lotions on your face, our luscious SPF 30 Carrot Lip Balm on your lips, nose, and ears, and our deep tanning SPF 4 Organic Suntan Oils on your body. Due to the diversity of skin types, parts of the body, and their interactions with the sun, it is best for you to determine your own unique combinations of products using common sense and moderate exposure to the sun.


Try your best to apply your sunscreens a half hour before sun exposure, and re-apply your BRONZO SENSUALE® suntan oil or lotion and lip balm every hour or so, and especially after swimming or playing sports. Reapplying will help insure that you protect some of those missed parts, and recover those areas that may have become watered down. Remember to use BRONZO SENSUALE® certified organic sunscreen products on cloudy days and at winter resorts as well, since 90% of the sun's UV rays penetrates clouds and is reflected off water, sand, and snow!


Warning: You have just entered SOLAR CYCLE #25.

 Currently we are in an active Solar Cycle which means that the Sun’s UV rays bombarding the Earth are actually much more intense than usual. Sometimes you can actually feel it, but not always. We advise that whatever SPF number you are accustomed to using in the past, that you increase the SPF to at least the next highest number.


Important Note for Adults and Children:

Today more than ever, everyone, including children, are on some kind of medication, health supplements, or homeopathic remedies. If this includes you or your children, it is important to ask your Doctor, Pharmacist, or Homeopath what interaction, if any, do these have with the Sun, and adjust your choice of SPF accordingly.